It is important for you to be aware of the type of information that we collect from you, how we use it, and what your choices will be regarding the information you submit to us. Here at, we follow the principles outlined below. The conditions apply whether you contact us via email, postal mail, social media, or if you use our website, or send us information via contact on telephone/mobile or in person.

Collection of Personal Information

Our data collection may vary based on the nature of your interaction with us. In order to provide you with high-quality service and to avoid misunderstandings, we collect personal information about you when you visit our website, utilize our social network platforms, or communicate with us in person, via phone, or email. While using our services, you are consenting to the collection of your personal information. Depending on the circumstances, we may collect personal information about you and those travelling with you. This information includes your name, mailing address, email address, phone numbers, passport information, financial information and payment methods, the number of passengers travelling with you and their personal information, and any other information relevant to your trip. Also, we record all inquiries and purchases made at, as well as information you submit using forms, such as details of your preferences, feedback, and testimonials. Additionally, we track your interaction with us on social media platforms, as well as when you enter any of our contests. Some information is used specifically for improvement and better marketing activities by us.

Use of Personal Information

Your personal information is used for several purposes, including providing you with a service you requested, improving your user experience, and communicating with you to provide customer service. You entrust us with this information so that we can fulfill your service request, respond to your inquiries, and execute your service request promptly. Furthermore, we use the data to personalise your customer experience and market our services to you, focusing on features we believe will most benefit and be valuable to you. For quality assurance, training, and improving customer service, we may record and monitor calls, live chats through the website, and e-mail exchanges. We will use information about how you use our website in order to review, develop, and improve our products, services, and website. The personal data we collect is also used to comply with our own legal obligations.

Confidentiality of Personal Information

Keeping client information secure is always a priority at Our clients' information is treated confidentially, and only those third parties with whom we need to work to complete your request will have access to your information. Several mechanisms have been put in place to guard your privacy and prevent the leakage of your information. To ensure your personal data is kept private and used only for agreed services, we take precautionary measures to ensure that anyone to whom we disclose your data will agree to keep it private. We keep records of all the information we collect about our clients as long as it is needed for our business purposes and to remain in compliance with the law. After a legal, business, or customer necessity is no longer present for retaining the information, it is evaluated and disposed off securely, or in some cases is anonymized.

Legal Disclosure of Information

Government and law enforcement officials, as well as other professional advisors such as accountants, bankers, insurance companies, auditors, and lawyers, may have access to information. This is deemed necessary in order to comply with legal requirements and/or to safeguard the rights of our firm. We may use the information you give us to settle legal disputes, conduct regulatory investigations, or identify and correct system issues. Fraud and crimes can be prevented, detected, and prosecuted using personal information. Strong confidentiality responsibilities govern our agency and partner relationships, which are controlled by our Privacy Policy and the contracts we have with them.

Non-Personal Information Collection and Usage

Non-personal data is information that cannot be associated with an individual. Non-personal data we collect include aggregated records such as customer profiles, number of visitors to a particular page on our website, or responses to specific marketing mailings. This type of data is not restricted to clients. It can also be collected related to users who visit our website. We use these facts to improve the user experience on our website and improve marketing techniques.

Opt-Out Option

Choosing to "opt-out" means that you do not wish to continue participating in an activity or service. We offer our clients the option of receiving emails from us and having more information about service alerts and messages via email on all contact and service forms. We offer an "opt-out" option if you don't wish to receive such marketing and advertising messages. Using this option, you can opt-out of any marketing and promotional efforts that we provide and we will respect your decision and will not send any kind of spam mails or unwanted calls. However, for availing our services, you will have to provide us with necessary personal data.

Contests and Surveys occasionally runs contests, surveys, and sweepstakes. Information received via these programmes is used solely to administer prizes and incentives. As part of your participation, you are asked to provide your contact information. We can also share these details with companies that help with reward programmes. You have the option of declining to participate and decide not to provide the information required for promotional programmes. Participation is purely voluntary.

Secured Transaction

Our internal procedures and data security measures are subject to frequent audits. We diligently secure all data that we acquire with encryption and password security on a secure network drive. Personal data in form of physical documents on paper is preserved in lockable cabinets. When working with a third-party organisation, they must adhere to this agreement and use secure methods for data transfer and data processing. Personal information is only accessible to authorised personnel. They are obliged to ensure its confidentiality.