General Question and Answers

Do I need a UK visa to fly to the country?

Both UAE citizens (Emiratis) and UAE residents (expats) need to have a UK visa before flying to the country.
Yes, biometrics is mandatory for UK visa applicants from UAE. You need to provide your photograph and digital scan of your fingerprints at the visa center. This is applicable for everyone, even kids under the age of 5 years.
The UK Visas and Immigration staff may conduct interviews while processing your UK visa application.
You can apply for a UK visa maximum 3 months before the date of traveling to the country.
Every person, irrespective of age, needs to get a UK visa to visit the country. This applies to kids and infants as well.
The UK visa process usually takes somewhere around 14 working days. The exact number of days would depend on how quickly the documents are submitted and whether the person meets all the eligibility criteria.
Currently, only residents and citizens of UAE can apply for UK visa through us.
Once the visa application is submitted, you can contact our visa agents to know the status of your application.
No, visa fees would not be refunded in case the application is rejected.
In most cases, the reason for rejection of UK visa is not revealed by the UK Immigration Authority.
To know about the UK visa fee, you can contact us at +971 42087543 / +971 561147879 or write to us at
By hiring for your UK visa requirements, you negate the need to have a local sponsor in the UK. With years of experience in the field, we would be able to guide you through every step of the visa process without any issues. Our agents would help you with filling the application form, verifying the documents, taking appointment for biometrics, and booking flight tickets and making hotel reservations. Moreover, we also ensure that you receive your UK visa as soon as possible (mostly within 14 days).
To apply for a UK visit visa, you can talk to our representatives at directly or forward us an email with all your visa-related queries. The rest is assured that they will take care of everything to ensure the swift approval of your UK visa.
It sets you back about AED 430 to apply for your UK Visa.
It takes about 14 working days for the approval of your UK Visa in Dubai.
With's visa specialists, you can obtain your UK visa in a few simple steps.