Windsor Castle: Take A Look inside The Queen’s Royal Residence In England

Windsor Castle, UK

Are you interested in the history of England? If yes, there is no better place to explore it than Windsor Castle. It is just 20 miles away from Buckingham Palace on the western side. If you have never been to this place and are wondering how large it is, you would be surprised to know that it is quite large.

It has 300+ fireplaces and 1000+ rooms. That’s not all; there’s more for you if you are interested to learn more about the history of England. The castle boasts a wide range of items of historical importance. These include armour, painting, and different pieces of furniture. In addition, it also boasts the Royal Collection. The castle is all the more special for tourists who visit the UK on a UK Visa. For the majority of them, London is the one-stop destination. Though it is a defining city, it has city vibes with hustle and bustle. Windsor Castle is the perfect destination for those who wish to escape it by going to an interesting place where they can explore and spend some quality time. If you also belong to this group of people, it is the perfect place for you too. Read on to know about it in detail before you plan your trip.

The Beginnings of Windsor

The history of Windsor begins from the time of the Saxon kings. They used to come to Windsor Forest for hunting. Besides being a place for hunting, Windsor Forest was also important to Saxon kings for strategic reasons. It was important for them due to its proximity to the Thames. A significant turn of events happened in Windsor Forest after the defeat of the last king who represented the Saxon dynasty. He was defeated by William who built several fortifications around London to secure it. Alongside building the Tower of London, William also built as many as nine castles.

What is Special about Windsor Castle?

Just like others, you would also want to visit Windsor Castle for two reasons. It is the default residence designated officially to the Queen of England. It has been so for more than 900 years. Between March and April, the Queen of England hosts many prestigious guests and officials on account of Easter. This apart, Windsor Castle also has a long list of attractions. This is another reason why you might want to visit the castle.

Windsor Castle: Top Attractions

Windsor Castle England

Knowing the history and background of Windsor Castle is just fine to educate yourself. But from the standpoint of a tourist, you would want to know about the places that you can visit.

Windsor Castle offers something for all kinds of tourists, including tourists of all age groups, with the following top attractions:
  1. St George’s Chapel
  2. The Semi-State Rooms
  3. The State Apartments
  4. Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House
  5. The Grand Reception Room
  6. Changing the Guard
Apart from these listed attractions, you can also take part in different events, shows, and occasions. They keep happening from time to time. You can get detailed information about the events, shows, and occasions at Windsor Castle on its official website.

Windsor Castle Tickets and Timings

Windsor Castle

For the best experience of visiting Windsor Castle, it is strongly recommended that you book your tickets in advance. Though adults need to pay the full fee, you can expect some concessions for the little ones and other family members who accompany you. No fee is needed for the entry of children who are less than 6 years old.

On average, the fee for the ticket for each adult is £21.20. For disabled visitors or those who are up to 16 years old, the entry fee is £12.30. For seniors who are above 60 or students, the fee for entering Windsor Castle is £19.30. There you have it – you can plan your trip accordingly based on your budget. The knowledge of the fee structure for adults, teenagers, seniors, and kids will help you plan your trip according to your budget. As a tourist, you would want to know about the timings of Windsor Castle along with other details. It operates with two distinct sets of timings, depending on the season. Between November and February, it remains open between 10 am and 4.15 pm. On the other hand, it remains open between 10 am and 5:15 pm between March and October. While these are the usual timings that you should bear in mind as a tourist on a UK visa, you might also want to keep another important detail in mind. Windsor Castle may close at any time with short notice. This is because it is a functional imperial working residence, so those who are in charge of it may feel the need for closing it with short notice at any point in time.


From the above, it stands out that Windsor Castle, which is England’s largest castle, offers exciting possibilities to tourists. Whether you are inclined to know more about its history or explore its beauty, the castle has everything to provide you with an invaluable experience. To make certain that your experience of visiting the castle is memorable, plan things in advance by keeping the aforementioned bits of information in mind.

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