Unusual or Unique Things to Do in Edinburgh (2023 Guide)

The United Kingdom is one of the most visited countries in the world. From interesting history and amazing architecture to breathtaking landscapes, the country is captivating. It is home to several interesting cities that would engage and entertain you. If you have a UK visa and are planning to visit the country, Edinburgh is a city that you must visit. The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh has a rich history and medieval architecture. Apart from this, it also has a cool nightlife as well. Here we list some of the

unique experiences you can only have in Edinburgh.

The Museum of Edinburgh

Located inside the yellow and red painted Huntley House, the Museum of Edinburgh that gives you a glimpse into the history of Edinburgh. While the exhibits of the museum are fascinating, the maze of 16th century buildings that make the museum is incredible as well. Apart from the history of Edinburgh, this museum also showcases Scottish pottery and porcelain, beautifully cut and engraved glass, intricately made silver, etc., thus highlighting the craftsmanship of the Scottish people. The best part about this museum is it is absolutely free.

Gladstone’s Land

Known to be one of the oldest buildings of Edinburgh, Gladstone’s Land is a tenement house that is at least 500 years old. The building is maintained by the National Trust of Scotland and is a window to the tenement life right from the 17th century. You can take a guided tour of the building to know and understand the life as well as business of the residents who stayed here in the past. Once you have taken in the remnants of the years gone by, you can relax at the new coffee shop and ice cream parlor on the ground floor of the building.

Chocolatarium Chocolate Tour

One of the most unusual things to do in Edinburgh is to go on a Chocolatarium Chocolate tour. This 90 minutes’ tour not only gives you the chance of tasting a wide variety of delectable chocolate but is also informational. You get to learn how the fruits from the cocoa tree become delicious chocolates. You learn about the history of chocolate and at the same time enjoy different types of chocolates like white chocolate, dark chocolate, raspberry, caramel, camel milk, etc. The best part of this tour is you get to become a chocolatier and make your own bar of chocolate to take home.

The Writers Museum

Located inside the Lady Stair’s House, which is a beautiful mansion, the Writers Museum celebrates the life of 3 distinguished Scottish writers: Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Sir Walter Scott. Here, you get to learn about the life of these writers through their portraits, rare books, and manuscripts. Apart from this, you would also get to see some interesting personal objects like Robert Burn’s writing desk, the printing press on which Sir Walter Scott’s novels were printed, and Robert Louis Stevenson’s smoking pipe and fishing rod.

The People’s Story Museum

Located in Canongate Tolbooth, the People’s Story Museum is one of the most unusual museums in the world. Using real life sculptures and objects, the museum attempts to recreate the life of the working class people of Edinburgh right from the 18th century to the present times. In the 3 floors of the museum, you would get to see different aspects of the life of the people of the town. While the first floor shows the day life of the people, the second floor shows how wars affected the families. The third floor displays scenes or images of how people spent their holidays and free time.

Museum of Childhood

A one-of-a-kind museum, the Museum of Childhood chronicles the history of childhood right from the 19th century. Spread around 5 galleries, the exhibits of this museum includes fascinating toys and rare objects, right from dolls, games, pedal cars, trains, clothes, books, teddies, etc. You also get to see the recreations of different aspects of the life of children, including their life at home, school and play. While the little ones would be fascinated to see a wide range of toys, adults can go down the lane of nostalgia by remembering the toys they owned at the Museum of Childhood.

Afternoon Tea

One of the popular traditions of Edinburgh, which continues to exist till this day, is the afternoon tea. Started by Anna the Duchess of Bedford, the afternoon tea is an entire meal that keeps you from being famished by dinner time. Depending on the restaurant you choose, your afternoon tea would be anything between a luxurious traditional spread to a more modern one. Whichever style you choose, you would be treated with a variety of dainty pastries, finger sandwiches, and scones along with afternoon tea. Do have a light lunch so that you can enjoy the pleasures of the afternoon tea to the fullest.

Harry Potter Walking Tour

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, you would know the deep connection and relationship between the books and the city. Not only was J.K.Rowling inspired by the city but she also wrote her first book in this city. The harry Potter guided walking tour would take you to the places where she wrote her book and also show you the places that inspired here. You would get to visit the street that was the original inspiration for Diagon Alley and also see the school on which Hogwarts is based. The two-hour tour is nothing less than magical and would take you into the world of one of the most celebrated literary works.
All in all, it can be said that Edinburgh is a captivating city, which is home to several unusual things to see and do. Hence, do include Edinburgh in your itinerary to make your UK holiday more interesting and memorable.

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