Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Manchester

The second largest city of the United Kingdom, Manchester is a lively city that attracts people from all over the world. Rich in history and culture, there are plenty of museums and art galleries that would keep you engaged in the city. Apart from this, Manchester also boasts of an active sports scene and a culinary heaven. The place is also known for its excellent nightlife and also a paradise for music lovers. With so much to see and do in Manchester, a visit to the city is a must if you have your UK visa and are planning a holiday to the United Kingdom. Here we talk to you about the best things that you can do in Manchester.
Manchester Museum manchester-museum

Owned by the University of Manchester, the Manchester Museum is home to more than 4,500,000 works or items belonging to anthropology, archaeology, and natural history. Right from interesting fossils to a life-size remains of tyrannosaurus rex, there are plenty of amazing items to see here. While the exhibits of the museum are remarkable, the fact that the museum is housed inside a gothic-style building, makes the experience of visiting the museum even more remarkable.

Northern Quarter

If you apply UK visa and want to explore something unique, head to Northern Qaurters in Manchester to enjoy the bohemian vibe of the city.  The place is a heaven for shopping lovers, as it is lined with boutiques and stores of fashion designers. Apart from this, Northern Quarter also has amazing cafes, small eateries (where you can enjoy locally sourced snacks and food), and commercial art galleries as well. However, the best thing about the place is its lively nightlife. As the sun sets, you would get the chance to get to explore its numerous music venues, jazz bars, etc.

  Old Trafford old-trafford

Hardcore football fan or not, visiting Old Trafford is a must when you are in Manchester. Established in 1910, the Old Trafford Stadium is the home ground of Manchester United FC. You can take the tour of the largest stadium of the UK to see the football grounds and backstage as well. It also includes a visit to the in-house museum. During the tour, you would also get to learn about the history of the stadium and the football club. After the tour, you can shop at the retail store and relax at the café.

Manchester Town Hall

Built in 1877, Manchester Town Hall is the finest example of neo-gothic architecture not only in Manchester but in England as well. While the exterior of the place is magnificent, the interiors are equally mesmerizing. A tour of the town hall would give you the chance to see gorgeous spiral staircases, arched ceilings and innumerable statues and busts. One of the major highlights of the building is its clock tower, which stands 280 feet tall. Even if you do not have time to visit the interior of the building, do check out Manchester Town Hall from Albert Square.

  Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden

Although Manchester is rich is history and culture, these are not the only things to see in this city. If you love nature, a visit to the Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden is an absolute must. A botanical as well as a rock garden, the garden is home to several types of flora and fauna. A walk in the park would give you the opportunity to see ponds, rockeries, tree groves, and ornamental gardens. Apart from this, you can indulge in several activities like walks on natural trails as well as playing tennis and rugby. The garden also hosts several interesting events regularly.

Museum of Science and Industry

Apart from its cultural heritage, Manchester has also a rich industrial heritage. You can witness all the contributions of Manchester city in the field of science and industry at the Museum of Science and Industry at Liverpool. The exhibits of the museum would give you an idea of how the city has influenced the fields of power, transport, and computing. Apart from checking out the various displays, visitors can also indulge in numerous hands-on activities like science-related games, scientific experiments, and virtual-reality booths.

Manchester Cathedral manchester-cathedral

Established in 1421, Manchester Cathedral is one of the oldest buildings in the UK. While the church was built in 1421, the place was used a church since 700 AD. Today, you would see a grand gothic-style church made of stone on this site. Manchester Cathedral is not only architecturally beautiful but also preserves the history of the city. Once you have explored the church and checked out its beautiful wood carvings, you can visit the Visitor Center to know more about the history of the church.

John Rylands Library

Another famous gothic-style building that you would find in Manchester is the John Rylands Library. Part of the University of Manchester, John Reylands Library was established in 1900. Home to early printed texts, medieval manuscripts, and personal letters from notable figures, this library is considered to be one of the best academic libraries of the country. Apart from being rich in knowledge, what attracts people the most to John Rylands Library is its architecture. The ornate archways, the soft illumination, and the vaulted ceilings have the aura of mesmerizing anyone who visits the place.

This is just a gist of things that you can do in Manchester. Some other popular places that you should visit here include Manchester Art Gallery, Royal Exchange, People’s History Museum, Heaton Park, Gorton Monastery, etc. In short, there are plenty of things to see and do in Manchester. Hence, allot a week or at least a couple of days to Manchester while planning your trip to UK.

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