Northern Ireland Wonders – The Top 20 Must-See Attractions

Carrickfergus Castle
If you have booked a trip and are looking for the best places to visit in UK, then you must consider the Northern Island. Northern Island is a small country with a picturesque landscape, fascinating history, and welcoming people. Let us explore the Northern Ireland attractions that offer a perfect blend of heritage, adventure, and scenic beauty.

Giant’s Causeway

Giant’s Causeway One of the most popular places to visit in Northern Ireland is Giant’s Causeway. The forty thousand hexagons of basalt, created by a volcanic eruption over sixty million years ago, draw large numbers of locals and tourists from all over the world. Sit on the wishing chair, a natural rock throne formation. Learn the history of the stones on a visit to the Visitor Centre.

The Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges, a stunning row of beech trees that have become well-known due to appearances in several TV shows, most notably Game of Thrones, is another popular tourist site in Northern Ireland. Bregagh Road is bordered by trees on both sides, which forms a striking tunnel alongside the road. The path leads up to the gates of Gracehill House.

Carrickfergus Castle

Carrickfergus Castle is the oldest castle near Belfast, and you may walk within it. Inside the castle, there is a visiting centre and a collection of cannons dating from the 17th to 19th century. You can easily recognise the castle on the sea, and it looks gorgeous from the outside. The best method to explore the castle is to get entry tickets and see the survival journey through the years. On campus, there is also the Carrickfergus Museum, which houses mediaeval antiques, ceremonial swords, and the town’s history.

Ballintoy Harbour

One of the most well-known and highly recommended destinations in Northern Ireland is the eccentric Ballintoy Harbour. The town was constructed around a single street and is one of such localities with a small population. Approximately one km separates the well-known Ballintoy Parish Church from the harbour. For those travelling the seaside route, the location is a worthwhile layover. There is a butterfly season in the area from April to November, during which you may witness many species.

Glens of Antrim

Glens of Antrim The Glens of Antrim are one of Northern Ireland top tourist destinations, known for their stunning beauty. Nine Glens offers a view of the coast, including mountain peaks, woods, and meadows. Glentaisi, Glenshesk, Glendun, Glencorp, Glenaan, Glenariff, Glenarm, and Glencloy are the nine Glens of Antrim. It is a lesser-known location that not many people are aware of. Consequently, you may experience the unique glacier valleys and the tranquillity of the Northern Ireland environment.

Old Bushmills Distillery

The oldest permitted whisky distillery in the world is the Old Bushmills Distillery. This distillery is known for producing the Original Bushmills, Black Bush and Single Malt Whisky. To make the distillation process transparent and easy to understand, the Old Bushmills Distillery employs a triple pot system. You may also interact with the folks who embody decades of wisdom and learn about their trade firsthand at the distillery.

Dunluce Castle

Another stunning castle in Northern Ireland, Dunluce Castle is renowned for the charming and romantic ambiance of Irish castles. The kitchen of the castle fell into the sea during a strong storm because of its location on the edge of the cliff.

Cliffs of Magho & Lower Lough Erne

The Cliffs of Magho and Lower Lough Erne are other popular tourist destinations in Northern Ireland. There is a lengthy walk, roughly 370 steps to the edge. But the effort is worth it since there are seats to soak in the grandeur and magnificent woodlands. You will find a long stretch of Lough Navar Forest Scenic Drive when you climb the hill. The rich fauna, which includes tufted ducks, meadow pipits, and feral goats, rests inside the deep ravine.

Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, located in east Belfast, strives to reflect Northern Irish cultures and conditions of living. It also depicts the various modes of transport a hundred years ago up to the present day. See the museum’s collection of vintage vehicles, including autos and horse-drawn carriages. There are also demonstrations of traditional crafts, such as printing and basket making.

Kinbane Castle

One of Northern Ireland’s Greatest Tourist Destinations is Kinbane Castle. It is on a slender limestone promontory that extends towards the ocean. This castle is in a highly spectacular setting with a strong sense of the past. The stairs leading up to the castle are steep and winding, and they go past the on-site restrooms to a lengthy flight of steps. “Lag na Sassenach” is the name of the depression that lies between the castle and the cliffs.


Bangor is Northern Ireland third largest city and the best place to visit. Bangor, located on the southern bank of Belfast Lough, was a beach town with a small port that served as the Royal Ulster Yacht Club headquarters. Now, it serves as a commuting town for Belfast. The North Down Museum, Bangor Abbey, Grey Point Fort, Crawfordsburn, and the Bangor Marina are top attractions. This Northern Irish town is home to a few minor industries.

Kilkeel & Mourne Mountains

If you want to view the beauty of the mountains, travel to the Kilkeel and Mourne Mountains, which rank among Northern Ireland top tourist destinations. The Mourne granite mountain ranges, which lead to the lowlands south of Kilkeel, are among Northern Ireland tallest mountains. The summit of the mountains offers some beautiful views over the Irish townlands. It is also an excellent area to go hiking with your friends to the peak.

Castle Ward

A remarkable palace from the eighteenth century, Castle Ward is well-known for its exquisite architectural design. The serene waters of Strangford Lough and the exotic setting enhance the building’s grandeur. You may see ducks, swans, bunnies, and butterflies while walking or cycling along the route. You will explore the Georgian farmyard and the lough beach as you proceed, entering a magical land of dragons and castles.


Derry, formerly known as Londonderry, is home to award-winning museums and the Derry Girls. The Walled City of Ireland hosts some of the world’s most important outdoor events. Because the city provides tourists with a world-class experience and a cosmopolitan vibe all year, there are several reasons to remain longer. You may visit Derry to discover the Wild Atlantic Way and the Causeway Coastal Route. The place has everything adventure seekers might want.

Downhill Demesne

Downhill Demesne, also known as the Downhill House, is another of Northern Ireland’s must-see attractions. It is a magnificent 18th-century home set wonderfully in open grounds for a day out. It is an ideal location for a day excursion with friends and families. All you have to do is bring a picnic bag and enjoy the shaded gardens of Hezlett House. The breathtaking views from the Downhill Demesne attract travellers from all over the world, giving them a sensation of being on top of the world.

Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast is one of the most popular attractions in Belfast Ireland. The museum located in the Titanic Quarter opened its doors in 2012. It takes you back in time to Belfast’s maritime past. The famous ship Titanic was constructed here. Nine galleries within the building depict the events, from the construction of the ship to its tragic sinking. Visitors can experience a wide variety of interactive displays.

Belfast Botanic Gardens

One of the best things to do in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is to explore the Botanic Gardens. The garden includes a Tropical Ravine, a children’s playground, a rose garden, a birdcage dome, and a palm house. It features a greenhouse including lilies, banana plants, ferns, and orchids. Concerts and band recitals take place at the Botanic Gardens.

Grand Opera House

The Grand Opera House hosts dramas, ballets, educational events, musicals, and comedy performances. The Opera has three bars, a 100-seat theatre called Baby Grand Studio, and a Victorian auditorium created by architect Frank Matcham. Presented annually since 1895, The Pantomime continues to be the most well-liked performance.

Tollymore Forest Park

Tollymore Forest Park At the base of the Mourne Mountains is Tollymore Forest. Hiking, walking, camping, and horseback riding are available to visitors. There are less than five-and-a-half mile hiking routes in the woodland. You will pass rocky outcrops, caverns, and grottos along the route.

Cushendun Caves

Cushendun Caves in County Antrim were formed approximately 400 years ago. Nestled between Cushendall and Ballycastle, Cushendun is a charming seaside town. There are some beautiful vistas along the coast road. There are cosy restaurants along the shore to satiate your taste buds.


Exploring the famous castles in Northern Ireland amidst the iconic landmarks that define UK tourist attractions reveals a treasure trove of experiences. So, pack your bags to embark on a journey to this captivating country.

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