How to Check UK Visa Status Online?

UK visa
Have you recently filed for a visa to the UK but are unsure of its status? Do not fret! You may now quickly keep up to date on the status of your offline and online UK visa application. Your passport number and visa reference number are all you need. Do you need more information on the procedure? Get on reading.

How to Check UK Visa Status?

The processes listed below can be used to determine the status of your application for a UK visa.
  • Visit, the website of the UK government, for more information.
  • To check your visa application status, click the button.
  • Enter your 16-digit alphanumeric application reference number, which can be seen on the application form/any correspondence you receive from UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).
  • Type in the nation where you submitted your application.
  • Type the date of the visa application.
  • To check the progress of your visa application, click “Continue”.
The website will notify you of your visa’s current status and what to do next if your visa application has been accepted and processed. You must wait for more updates from UKVI if the visa application is still being handled. If you have any worries or queries regarding the status of the visa application, you can also get in touch with the UKVI using the information provided in the visa application materials.

How to Check UK Visa Status with Passport Number?

You can use your passport number to verify the status of your UK visa application by following the instructions below:
  1. Check your visa application status at the UK government’s official website:
  2. To your visa application status, click the button.
  3. Provide your date of birth and passport number accurately in the space provided.
  4. To demonstrate that you are indeed not a robot, type the characters displayed in the image or audio clip.
  5. To check the progress of your visa application, click the “Submit” button.
  6. You will be directed towards a page where you can see the progress of visa application. The website will indicate when you can anticipate receiving your passport and visa if visa has been accepted.
You can get help from the UK Visas & Immigration Contact Center if you are unable to check the progress of your visa application online.

How to Check Visa Status Inside UK?

In case you are extending your UK visa or planning citizenship, you would be checking your UK visa status inside the country. UK Home has launched UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services for in-country visa processing. Applicants are required to get their identity verified by face-to-face appointment. The verification is further carried out by biometric information and documentation. You may be asked to submit a reference number, contact details, and more for easy confirmation.

How to Check Visa Status Outside UK?

Most of the people who are applying for a fresh visa, like tourism, business, or work are applying from outside the country. This requires a different process than the in-country visa. You will have to visit the visa application center of your home country. There you provide all the biometric details and then wait for the decision or approval.

How much time does it take for the UK Visa processing?

UK Visa processing generally takes 3 weeks depending on the category or type of visa. For visas that demand settlement or longer stay, the processing can take 3 months.

Can My UK Visa get rejected?

There might be the possibility that your UK Visa doesn’t get approved. Many factors can lead to the UK visa application being denied. The following are a few of the most frequent causes of UK visa denials:
  1. Inadequate Documentation– Lack of appropriate and accurate documentation is a requirement for submitting a visa application.
  2. Lack of appropriate financial support: Failing to show that you have the resources to maintain yourself while in the United Kingdom.
  3. Criminal history: Possessing a criminal history, despite the conviction being expunged or the offence was very minor.
  4. Past Immigration Violations-Immigration laws that have previously been broken, like overstaying a previous visa, are known as prior immigration violations.
  5. Misleading Information– Giving misleading or inaccurate information on an application or during an interview is considered false information.
  6. Poor Travel History– Having a limited amount of travel experience or a history of extending your visa in other nations.
  7. Medical Reasons-Giving misleading medical information or failing to cater to the UK health laws. Immigration History-A prior deportation or admission refusal to the UK is part of their immigration history.
  8. Insufficient ties to one’s home country-Failure to provide sufficient evidence of ties to one’s home country, like work, family relationships, or property, which may suggest that the applicant may not be able to return there.
It is significant to remember that every visa application is assessed individually, and there may be other circumstances that result in a UK visa rejection. To prevent a possible visa rejection, it is crucial to thoroughly research the rules and guidelines for visas, to submit accurate information, and to make sure that all required evidence is provided. It is crucial to remember that the application process for a UK visa can be difficult and drawn out, thus it is recommended that you apply much ahead of your intended departure date. The documents could vary depending on your hometown. For example, someone applying for UK Visa from Dubai will differ from one applying from Georgia.

Bottom Line

Overall, checking your UK visa status online can save you time, reduce stress, and help you plan your travel with greater ease and confidence. Also, take a look at the UK public holidays before you finalize the trip’s date to avoid any disappointment.

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