Everything You Need to Know About UK Family Visitor Visa: Application and Requirements

Family Visitor Visa UK
The United Kingdom is a staple on the list of the best countries to visit. The land opened for wide opportunities, from exploration to business and jobs, which requires multiple visits to the country and UK multiple entry visitor visa help people to achieve the opening up of their dream business. While several UK visa types define the purpose of your visit, in this blog we have curated a detailed overview of UK family visa types, requirements, and processes.

UK Family Visas

UK family visas are a category that falls under the UK entry and residence authorizations issued for those who want to settle or establish a permanent family life with their UK resident family members.

Eligibility criteria for a UK family visa

To obtain a family visa to the UK, you must meet the following requirements:
  1. Must be 18 and above.
  2. Must be visiting the UK for less than six months and will leave after their visa expires.
  3. Must have sufficient funds to support themselves without asking for any assistance from the public funds or engaging in paid activities, or their relatives or friends can offer support while in the UK.
  4. Have funds to pay for their return travel.
  5. They are in transit to a country outside the UK.

Eligibility criteria for the applicant’s relative

  1. British citizen
  2. Settled person
  3. Under the humanitarian protection of the UK

Below are a few ways to obtain a family permit in the UK if you are:

  1. A spouse or partner of a UK resident
  2. A child of a UK parent
  3. A parent of a UK resident
  4. A widowed partner of a late UK resident
  5. A separated spouse or partner
  6. A disabled, elderly, or sick relative who needs long-term care from a UK resident
  7. Based on personal life

Types of UK family visas

The UK has issued different types of family visitor visas UK that are obtained based on your circumstances and your relationship with the sponsoring UK resident.

Spouse Visa

A UK spouse visa can be obtained if you want to join your spouse or partner in the UK who is either a British citizen, a settled person, a refugee, or someone under humanitarian protection. Parent Visa: A UK parent visa is issued to the parents of a British citizen or a settled person who has spent at least seven consecutive years in the UK.

Child Visa

Such a visa is issued to children of a settled person in the UK, and you have to be the dependent child residing in the UK with your parent who is making a joint application with you for the UK or an extension of stay.

UK Family Visa For Those Who Need Long-Term Care

This visa is issued to those who require care by a relative who is a British citizen, settled person, refugee, or under humanitarian protection. The applicant must be over the age of 18 and suffer from a disability, or medical condition, or have reached old age.

UK Family Visa Based On Private Life

It is issued based on your private life to remain permanently in the UK, due to unfavourable situations for leaving the UK or overlong residence in the UK.

 Deceased Partner Visa

If Your Partner dies visa is issued to those who want to permanently reside in the UK as a former spouse, civil partner, or partner in a durable relationship.

Separated Or Divorced Dependent Partner

This visa is issued for the purpose of becoming a permanent resident if your relationship has broken down due to domestic violence.

UK Family Visa Requirements

The applicants must submit the following documents to meet the UK family visa requirements:
  1. An invitation letter from your relative
  2. Proof of financial and employment status, such as bank statements and payslips
  3. Proof of immigration circumstances in the UK, demonstrating that they reside in the UK permanently or
  4. Have sought humanitarian status by providing an immigration stamp in their passport or visa.
  5. Long-term visit visa requirements
  6. Proof to show that they can support themselves financially for their entire stay in the UK.

UK Family Visa Extension

The UK provides an extension for your stay in the country if you are already in the country on a sponsor visa UK for family. You can extend the visa at any time before your current visa expires. If you are extending your family dependent visa in the UK to stay with the same family member, you will only get up to 28 days of additional stay on your current visa. It requires you to stay in the UK for a certain amount of time before you are eligible for permanent settlement. If you have stayed in the UK for many years, which is seven years or more, you can apply for the visa based on your private life.

Cost of a UK family visa

If joining your partner, parent, or child:

  1. Apply in the UK: £1048
  2. Apply outside the UK: £1538

Each dependent added to your application:

  1. Apply in the UK: £1048/person
  2. Apply outside the UK: £1538/person

For an adult who requires care from a relative:

  1. Apply in the UK: £1048
  2. Apply outside the UK: £3250
A UK family visa usually has a validity period of up to six months. So, if you are planning to join your dependents in the UK, you can go for family visa application UK, which enables you to stay with your loved ones.

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