All You Need To Know About Online UK Tourist Visa Application


Want to visit the U.K.? You might feel that getting a UK visa is one of the most frustrating tasks on your UK travel planning checklist. If you understand how to apply it, however, and have knowledge and guidance, then the process is much simpler. In the modern era, convenience is the highlight and likewise, you can just turn on a computer and complete your UK visit visa online application in a jiffy. Read on to know more about UK tourist visa apply online procedures and requirements.

Tourists have to apply for a Standard Visitor Visa in order to enter the UK. Nonetheless, before you begin the process, you must check if you require a valid visa before you arrive in the UK. Depending on your nationality, you might need a pre-approved visa, a visa permit at the entry of immigration, or no visa at all. In the event you need a pre-approved visa based on your citizenship status, you will have to submit your application along with the necessary documentation to the UK Embassy/Consulate.

  1. As soon as you know that you have to get a visa before your arrival in the UK, you can go to the official UK visa and immigration site and begin answering the questions and selecting the correct options which will gradually lead you to fill out the online visa application form. Additionally, the website will ask you to select a visa application center, which will be tasked with obtaining your biometric data in order for the visa to be issued.
  2. Complete the online application form for a UK visit visa in a correct and complete manner. Make sure all the names and addresses are correct and that there are no spelling errors. It is essential that you enter all of the information in the application form exactly as it appears in the supporting documents you will be submitting with your UK visa application. Throughout the form, you have the option to save it and come back to it whenever you wish to complete it. The website automatically logs you out after a period of inactivity of 25 minutes.
  3. After filling out the online application, you will be redirected to a visa application center of your choice to schedule an appointment and upload the UK tourist visa requirements. You should ensure that all the paperwork is in order and in accordance with the guidelines stated in the UK visa application form. Omitting any important document could lead to the visa application being rejected.

The basic documents UK visitor visa requirements for online application are:

  1. A valid, undamaged passport that does not expire for at least 6 months after arrival in the UK. The passport should have enough blank pages for visa stamping.
  2. Information about the applicant’s travel – complete tour itinerary, the address of where the applicant will be staying in the UK, confirmed hotel reservations, travel history, medical and travel insurance details, vaccination certificates, or test results.
  3. Employer’s letter explaining the terms of the leave of absence, the salary details, the position held at work, and the duration of employment. Applicants who are self-employed must also include a document that preferably bears the letterhead of their company and explains the nature of their business, as well as the details of the trading license.
  4. An invitation letter from a friend or family member if the applicant plans to stay with them during their visit to the United Kingdom.
  5. Applicants must submit 6 months’ worth of bank statements showing their monthly salaries and financial obligations.
  6. Your family members’ documents, such as marriage certificates and birth certificates, will need to be attached in case you are traveling with them. If you travel with a group of people, such as your spouse, parents, relatives, or children, each individual will need to submit for UK visa as a separate application, pay the visa fee, and attend the biometric appointment separately. Each person is considered one applicant and can only fill out one UK visa application form.
  7. Double-check your application. A UK visa application and supporting documents must be in English; if not, they should be translated into either Welsh or English.
  8. Proceed to pay the visa fees and maintain a copy of the confirmation page of the application submitted and the visa fee payment receipt.

After completing the application process, all you have to do is show up at the visa center that you have chosen on the scheduled date to submit your biometric information. The processing time for standard visitor visas usually ranges from three to six weeks. Therefore, it is advisable to begin the process of applying for a UK visa as soon as possible. An application for a UK visa can be made as early as 3 months before you actually intend to travel to the country. As soon as your application has been verified, you will receive an answer and the visa application centre will inform you when your passport is ready for pick-up.

If you do not wish to go through this cumbersome process, you can opt for professional guidance from UK visa experts at a nominal fee who will take the burden off your shoulders by uploading all your documents and verifying that you have all the paperwork submission-ready. They will also arrange your appointment with the UK visa application centre on your behalf and keep you informed about the status of your UK visa. Rather than stressing or be worried about the visa, you can just relax and focus on other aspects of your trip to ensure that it is a memorable one.

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